I Ran a Marathon

Posted on: Monday, October 7, 2013

So to start off, please forgive my absence lately. Thursday night M and I drove up to Watkins Glen State Park in the Finger Lakes to camp for a few nights, do some hiking, drink some wine, and for me to do a 20 mile training run. As I mentioned, I registered for the Wineglass Marathon with the intention to use it as a training run and just drop out at the 20 mile mark. Well, I kept thinking and thinking about it and I realized that it would be really hard (and embarrassing) for me to just drop out of a race for really no reason at all. So in my head I had pretty much decided I was going to run the whole thing. We’ll eventually get to that all though, back to the trip for now.

Thursday night we got up to the campground we were staying at pretty late, set up the tent, and sat by the fire before getting some sleep. It started raining during the night and the forecast was looking pretty miserable for the entire weekend. Friday morning we got up, ate some breakfast, and headed out for a run/hike on the Gorge Trail in Watkins Glen State Park. It was an unreal experience, you walk past 19 waterfalls and there are all these steps and bridges carved into the stone. It was truly one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been. We headed back to the campground, showered and then were off to taste some wines. There are well over a hundred wineries up there so picking was a little hard to do, since we were staying on Seneca Lake we decided to test out a few of the wineries on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. To be honest, I didn’t love the wines we tried but it was nice to get out of the rain, drive around, and visit some wineries. While we were out the rain started and then just kept on going all night long. We tried to make the best of it and sat in the tent with some music, wine and cheese but everything was wet and going to bed that night was a little rough.

Watkins Glen Gorge TrailWatkins Glen

We woke up on Saturday to the creepiest mist in the woods and soupy, damp air. At that point I think M and I had both had it with camping in the rain and the “h” word got brought up. I really didn’t want to wuss out on camping but as soon as I began to think about a hotel with a hot shower and a warm bed, the decision was really made. We drove to Corning, NY for the expo and decided to just stop by (and by stop by I mean definitely try to book) a few hotels to see if they had any availability. After a couple of stops and a few phone calls, we had found a hotel with a room, and it was now ours. We drove back to the campground, packed up our stuff in record time, and then drove to Taughannock Falls State Park to do some more hiking. The trail there was nice and you got to walk around in the water bed which was cool but the gorge at Watkins Glen definitely had this one beat. Once we were done there, we drove to Corning to check into our hotel and I had the best shower of my entire life, I kid you not, it was warm, in a beautiful bathroom and the water pressure was perfect. I loved Corning (home of the Corning Museum of Glass) the moment we drove around it and was so excited to eat dinner there and walk around. It’s such a beautiful little town with lots of character, handmade glass pieces everywhere, shops, restaurants, and bars. We ate dinner at a place called Gaffers which was delicious and then went back to the hotel so I could rest up for my run the next day. I’ll give you all the details about the race in the next post so stay tuned to hear all about it! 

5e102de2-e721-4a0e-ad4d-8b60e6c3a6e7_zps55e5e5e5 8bce8f46-a207-4931-b4c2-14e350d158b7_zps0814e763Taughannock Falls State Park

And better late than never…last week’s running summary:

Monday (9/30): REST

Tuesday (10/1): Ran 5 easy miles and did an ab and arm circuit

Wednesday (10/2): 7 mile run with 4 miles at tempo for an average of 7:50 pace

Thursday (10/3): REST

Friday (10/4): Ran/hiked 3 miles

Saturday (10/5): Hiked a few miles

Sunday (10/6): Ran 26.2 miles!

Total for the week: 41 miles


The Perfect Weekend

Posted on: Monday, September 30, 2013

Saturday morning I drove out to East Hampton with a friend’s mom for the Hamptons Marathon and Half Marathon. I wound up using her bib and running in the half. I didn’t know I was running so definitely didn’t drink enough water the day before and didn’t even eat any breakfast that morning. I decided that I would take it easy and run based on how I felt given the circumstances and my training load for next week. The outcome of taking it easy…a finish time of 1:58 which makes me love running so much because of the fact that you can see constant improvement in yourself. A little less than a year ago, to run a half marathon in under 2 hours was my biggest goal, and I pushed myself hard during the Disney Wine and Dine Half to achieve that. Only a year later and I can run under a 2 hour half marathon feeling pretty good. Our bodies truly are these amazing machines that with a little persistence, can achieve these amazing feats and can do these wonderful things we never could have imagined.

After the race I came home, ate some food because this girl was hanngrryyy, then took giant a nap. The rest of the day I ran some errands, ate dinner, and then went out for a couple pumpkin beers.

This morning I woke up and headed over to the beach with my mom for a yoga class I had planned to benefit the Give Back Yoga Foundation. I couldn’t have asked for a better morning. The weather was unreal, the turnout was great, and we were able to raise a lot of money for such a great organization. I spent the rest of the day feeling so happy and grateful for the people in my life and for the opportunities I am given. PS how awesome does my mom look in that top left photo?

3f4a4042-0bae-47a7-9e60-9f67a6e3269a_zps113782f2 77eb4d10-d1ad-4f0f-8245-6c2b9b0052b2_zpsb63ea69be0df33fa-cc02-4d09-b184-05af2bc9bb5a_zps377e39132106fd51-2aab-4b6e-a948-579334a5a23b_zps706c9000 a622d862-d1a1-443d-bd37-b98928abd65f_zps7790b32fd6f0dbf7-cfa3-4b69-b2d7-d07e2bae1b45_zps2d717ca1

Monday (9/23): 5 miles easy

Tuesday (9/24): 5 miles easy

Wednesday (9/25): 7 mile hill work out on the treadmill

Thursday (9/26): REST

Friday (9/27): 5 miles plus abs and arm circuit

Saturday (9/28): Hamptons Half Marathon in 1:58

Sunday (9/29): 90 minutes yoga on the beach and 5 miles easy

Total: 40.5 miles

Total for September: 147.5 miles


Friday Favorites

Posted on: Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Friday! It’s early to bed on this Friday night for me because I’m going out to the Hamptons bright and early tomorrow to watch the Hamptons Marathon. I’ve been eyeing the half marathon for a couple years now but by the time I got around to signing up, it was already sold out. When a friend’s mom told me she was going out to watch and run a few miles out there, I jumped at the chance to join her. The weather is supposed to be nice and I’ve never cheered on runners before at a race so I’m excited to get the chance to do that.

Sunday is my yoga on the beach event, benefitting the Give Back Yoga Foundation, and afterwards I’m planning on getting my long run in. Should be a weekend full of running and being outside, no complaints there.

Favorite Motivation:


Favorite Workout: 5 minute good bye muffin top workout

Muffin Top Workout

Favorite Healthy Eat: Baked turkey meatballs

Turkey Meatballs

Favorite Treat:

Beer and Pretzel Brownies

Favorite Sip: Spiked ginger apple juice

Spiked ginger apple juice

Favorite Travel: Six Senses Resort in the Maldives. I mean I guess I could spend a weekend there.


Favorite Outfit: Totally impractical for my life but I have a real obsession with faux leather lately

Leather skirt

Favorite Decor: Loving this vintage bust

Vintage Bust

Favorite Find: 65 books to read in your 20′s

Book List

Favorite Craft: Chevron pallet coffee table

Pallet coffee table

Favorite Product: Bags from Nena and Co. all made out of fabrics from Guatemala

Nena and Co.


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